Some good news from Yarl’s Wood

I wanted to update everyone with some good news – Grace, one of our very vulnerable clients held in Yarl’s Wood, has been released from detention!

Grace is severely asthmatic, meaning that she’s at high risk from Covid-19. She was being held in Yarl’s Wood, where there has already been one confirmed case of Covid-19. Needless to say, we were seriously worried about her health.

When Grace called to tell us she had been released, it was amazing to hear her laughing and celebrating.

She’s now free to protect her health, finally access her medication, to take walks every day, to video chat with friends and family. These are lifelines for all of us right now, and they’re things she couldn’t do in detention.

Our campaigning and legal action has now forced the Government to release more than 350 people from immigration detention and to commit to reviewing the case of every single person detention.

This is an unjust and inhumane system – but we’re making an impact. We’ll keep pressuring government so we can get as many of these phone calls as possible.

Thanks for supporting us to fight for people like Grace. Thanks for campaigning. Only together can we make this kind of impact.

There are many others who need our help – we will be in touch again soon.

Wherever you are and however this crisis if affecting you, stay safe and look after each other.

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Urgent Protect people in immigration detention from COVID-19.

COVID-19 poses a grave threat to life in immigration detention centres, where hundreds are warehoused in unsanitary conditions and many have serious health conditions. Sign the petition to force the Government to act before it’s too late