Covid-19 in Immigration Removal Centres – info pack

Information on the Covid-19 crisis for people held in IRCs and the organisations that support them.

With the Covid-19 crisis sweeping the UK and the world, the dangers posed to people held in immigration detention are very real. 

Following legal action by Detention Action in response to the Covid-19 crisis, the Government has released more then 350 people, committed to system-wide case reviews and put a bar on many new detentions.

We know from speaking to our clients that many in detention are very worried about the current situation, but have struggled to access clear information. We know that many have questions about Coronavirus, the risks, and what it could mean for their cases.

Detention Action has produced the following information pack for people held in UK Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs) and the organisations that support them. You can download the info pack below, or email us to request printed copies.

Independent information for people in immigration detention. Covid-19: the risks, what should be happening in IRCs and what it could mean for the case of someone detained.

1. Information about Covid-19

  • What is Coronavirus
  • Protecting yourself and preventing spread
  • Vulnerable groups

2. What the Home Office has told us will happen in detention centres

3. Covid-19 and your case

  • Case reviews
  • Removals (countries to which many removals have been stopped)
  • Contacting a solicitor (public law solicitors and immigration solicitors)
  • Contacting support organisations


Click here to download the pack from Colnbrook, Harmondsworth and Morton Hall IRCs

Click here to download the pack from all other IRCS

FOR PRINTED COPIES – please email