#UnlockTheDebate – send us your vids!

With the first full parliamentary debate on the detention inquiry report due in a matter of weeks, we’re busily gearing up for #UnlockTheDebate – an alternative online debate hosted by Right to Remain and the Detention Forum, which will be held the week before, from the 1st – 10th September.

EUmQBo1439569140We’re asking people to have a think about what they would say if they were present in the parliamentary debate on the 10th September, and to make a short recording (on your smartphone or computer) and send it in to us at You can deliver your message in the form of a question or a statement, whatever you feel most comfortable with. And if you’re stumped for what to say have a look at this handy Detention Forum briefing or have a think about what your response might be to the following prompts:

  • Why do we need detention reform and why now?
  • Is it right that the Government keep on insisting that the Shaw Review is the answer to the detention inquiry recommendations?
  • The outstanding recommendation from the detention inquiry report was that there be an end to indefinite detention. The UK is the only country in Europe with no time-limit on detention. Isn’t it time the Government took note of international best practice and introduced a time-limit of 28 days?
  • How can the Government justify wasting millions of pounds on such a clearly inefficient system during this time of austerity?

And if you’re on the hunt for more inspiration, look no further than these choice examples from members of the Detention Action family: