Supporting people in detention. Campaigning for change.
27,331 people were indefinitely detained last year

What we do

We support people in immigration detention

We support people held at Colnbrook, Harmondsworth and Morton Hall detention centres and people held under immigration powers in London prisons.


We campaign for detention reform

We're calling for an end to indefinite detention, a strict 28-day time limit and the expansion of community-based alternatives.

How you can help

Join the #Time4aTimeLimit campaign

The UK is the only country in Europe that has no time limit on immigration detention. This has to end. It's #Time4aTimeLimit.

Join the campaign

Volunteer with us

We rely on a network of volunteers to deliver support and advice to people in immigration detention. This includes our visitors, interpreters and advocacy and support volunteers.

Volunteer with us

In the news

Freed Voices

“I ask you this: who benefits from indefinite detention? Nobody does.”

Freed Voices: Michael

“The sense of injustice swells inside of me when I think about it.”

Freed Voices: Kasonga

“It is important that we keep our heads high, we stand up and we speak out.”

Freed Voices: Mishka
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