‘How Long is Indefinite?’ TV premiere!

Aissata, Fouad and Saleh are caught in immigration limbo at the hands of the Home Office, detained for almost four years between them and counting. How long must they wait for freedom and at what cost?

Sunday 11th August, 8pm
Community Channel
Found on Sky 539, Virgin Media 233, Freeview 87, BT Vision
 ‘How Long is Indefinite?’ explores the trauma of the unknown; Saleh fears he will never see his son grow up, Fouad to marry and start a life with his fiancé.  Six attempts to ‘remove’ Aissata all failed at the last minute, and drove her to hunger strike for 28 days.  They cannot be removed from the UK, yet they remain detained in prison with no end in sight and at an average cost of over £40,000 each, per year to the tax payer. This film is the first documentary to expose detention without time limit being exercised on thousands of immigrants in Britain every day.
 The documentary will be repeated on Sat 17th Aug at 8pm, Wed 18th Sep at 10am, and Sat 21st Sep at 9am and will then be available to watch online at
 To find out more about how the film was made and the issue of detention in the UK see